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With the recent El Nino rains there have been many calls regarding moisture intrusion, most have to do with incorrect flashing installation and retrofit window leaks. Also in the last two weeks two Poria (house eating fungus) cases have come in. Be sure to mitigate drainage and exterior issues before its too late.

We now accept direct credit or debit card charges through the Square iphone app.  or you can call with your credit card info and we will take the information directly over the phone at your convenience.
Homeowners want to know what is going on in their homes, what is that  musty odor, dampness or humidity. We are here to help, see our new ad below.
Mosier Consulting is engaged in providing Investigative and Consulting Services to property owners, property managers, insurance companies and law firms related to  issues such as Water,and Moisture Intrusion, Water Damage,  Fire and Smoke Damage, Mold Contamination and other  Remediation Issues including E.Coli & Coliform Bacteria Issues, Odor Control and Trauma Scene / Death Scene and Medical Waste Operations based on over 38 years of experience.

James Mosier is certified by the IICRC and is an Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Advisory Board Member for the San Diego Chapter.of the IAQA.

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