Catastrophic events like major fire damage, water damage and microbial (mold) contamination affects the places that we live  and work in. Devastation caused by these events affect investments, assets and cause monetary loss. More than that, catastrophic events combined with sentimental loss can feel like an attack directly upon our personal lives much like a violent personal attack. This is when we feel most vulnerable and sometimes do not know what to do or who to turn to. This is where we come in:

We are experts with knowledge and experience with these types of problems. It takes a compassionate person with decades of experience to maneuver through the intricacies of  difficult losses. We are there for  the client who is feeling somewhat overwhelmed and sometimes at a disadvantage in dealing with these issues.

James A. Mosier has over forty years experience in restoring or remediating  commercial and residential losses caused by fire, water and or microbial contamination. Mr. Mosier is the past President of R&M Restoration, Incorporated dba Reiter Mosier Restoration Specialists.
Mr.Mosier has built a reputation in providing expert services to Private Clients, Insurance Companies, Insurance Adjusters, Law Firms, Risk Managers, School Districts, Property Managers, Building Operations Managers, Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Companies.

Mr. Mosier has experience in mitigating thousands of losses providing emergency services related to fire damage and water damage, microbial remediation including mold, wood decay fungus, E.-coli & Coliform (sewage) Issues, Moisture Intrusion and Vapor Emission Investigations as well as Trauma Scene and Death Scene Issues. Mr. Mosier is a contributing writer of the ANSI / IICRC S-520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, considered to be the National Standard and Guideline for the Mold Remediation Industry.

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Some of the notable claims Mr. Mosier has been involved with over the years:

_ PSA Airline crash into the North Park San Diego Community, San Diego,    CA

_ Old Globe Theatre Fire in Balboa Park San Diego

_ Water Loss Roof Collapse of the San Diego County Operations Bldg.

_ 100,000 SF Remediation of a San Diego Defense Contractor Facility

_ Over 100 School Site losses consisting of Fire, Water and Mold claims

_ Trauma Scene Mitigation at Santana High School & Granite Hills High         School shootings Trauma Scene and Medical Waster Operations                Incident Commander.       

_ Restoration services provided to SDSU, UCSD, Palomar College,                Grossmont  College, El Cajon Adult Education Center and Southwestern    College.

_ Casa Bandini Fire (Historic building) Old Town, San Diego

_ Jesse Shepard House / San Diego Historical Society Fire & Water               Damage.     

_ Major Fire Damage to Jim Croce Memorabilia in private residence fire.

_ Remediation to the Historical & Rare Documents of the City of                     Oceanside, CA  

_ Major Fire Damage Restoration to Mon Jardin Restaurant in La Jolla, CA

_ Emergency Water Damage Restoration of the 20,000 SF Coronado High    School Gymnasium Facility, Coronado, CA
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