Many property management procedural policies currently in place are a direct result of litigation activities between the tenant and property owner. Property Management Companies and HOA's are the recipient's of this tenant driven litigation. Some law firms are now devoting their entire practices representing tenants against property owners.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to evaluate and investigate some of the conditions that these law suits arise from. Mold contamination, personal injury resulting from exposure to the mold as a result of moisture intrusion and water damage tops the list of the litigation driven work we have participated in for Property Management Companies.

Some of the sources of water / moisture intrusion resulting in mold contamination are: roof leaks, window leaks, poor or inadequate or non-existent ventilation, plumbing leaks (both supply and drain) shower pan, toilet wax ring seals, exterior issues from landscape such as improper drainage, misdirected spray heads, improper elevation of soils versus plate lines, improper slope, balcony support penetrations etc. Moisture vapor emissions from faulty concrete slabs have been found to be another source of high humidity resulting in mold conditions.

Mosier Consulting has worked with Property Management Companies  performing evaluations of existing properties to discover and expose the potential problems that can lead to water damage and moisture intrusion conditions or find and make recommendations for the correction of such problems. 

Using Infrared technology in the form of Thermal Imaging camera's we can quickly perform a diagnostic scan to find structural anomalies that can then be investigated with moisture detection equipment to determine the exact cause and condition that was found during the scan.

Mosier Consulting has written Emergency Response Protocols in Water Damage (First Responder) and Mold Contamination Response for Property Management Companies. We also provide teaching and training for your staff to keep them up to speed on the latest response issues.

Consider using Mosier Consulting for your evaluation for potential and or existing problem. Using a third-party expert shows your tenant that you are serious about maintaining the property in safe condition and or that you want to be sure the problem is mitigated correctly.
Property Manager Information
Framing staple in drain pipe.
Water damaged & rotted building paper as a result of poor landscape design at wall exterior.
Failed shower pan drain pipe with improper repair showing.
Excavated wall showing improper landscape grade and poor french drain location.
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