Many Homeowners elect to diagnose and mitigate their own structural problems when encountered. This may be due to economic reasons as well as the sense of pride that a successful diagnosis and repair can bring to the do-it-yourselfer. I tip my hat to those who can achieve success in this endeavor!

What happens when your diagnosis is wrong? This can lead to money spent for materials and labor that may be improper or unnecessary for that particular situation. It may even exacerbate the conditions that caused the original problem.

Many homeowners turn to the Internet for help when they are not sure what to do or just need help with an issue. The Internet is a great place for information, unfortunately both good and bad information. So how do you know who to trust? A lot of people turn to Government sites for information and while this is not a bad place to start, I have found that a lot of the information offered on Government sponsored sites is inaccurate, not up to industry standards and outdated. Information offered by these same sites may not conform to the regulations and codes for your particular area.

Professional Consultants draw from their many years (decades) of experience, knowledge of industry standards, best practices and using a variety of professional testing equipment that the average homeowner may not have access to. In my 38 years of experience in the restoration industry, I have found that many repairs made by homeowners and or inexperienced but well meaning handymen and contractors were improper. While their intentions may have been good, the end result of their work or  use of improper materials, actually exacerbated the original condition.

Mosier Consulting uses state-of -the-art diagnostic and testing equipment, such as Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras, Electronic, Intrusive and Non-intrusive Moisture Meters, Thermo-hygrometers, MVET Test Kits, Video boroscope to name a few combined with decades of experience in investigating construction defect issues, moisture intrusion issues, dew-point condensation issues, musty odors and other problems.

We offer a "user-friendly" service and strive to develop an easy to understand solution to your complex problems.

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Information For Homeowners
Visible mold growth on drywall with undetermined moisture source.
Water damaged hardwood flooring cupping requiring special drying.
Unusual moisture vapor emissions leaving surface efflorescence on slab flooring at perimeter wall.
Chronic moisture intrusion and lack of ventilation of a crawlspace causing wood rot and fungal contamination.