Mosier Consulting works with General Building Contractors and Specialty Restoration Industry Contractors in many ways.

For the General Building Contractor who may need the services of a Restoration Industry Expert we can provide services regarding the industry recommended procedures for handling water damage, microbial contamination, odor mitigation, moisture intrusion investigation as well as other situations that may arise while tackling a building renovation.

For the Restoration Industry Contractor, Mosier Consulting can offer a vast array of services based on over 34 years experience in mitigating fire losses, water losses, storm damage, microbial contamination, death and trauma scene scenarios, motor vehicle and other disasters. We can consult on all content and personal property issues, limited structural issues, odor control and investigations, moisture investigations, loss verification, third-party documentation verification and third-party assistance in handling situations that arise when communication breaks down with your insured / client.

Sometimes when things go wrong  on a project it helps to bring in a third-party expert who can meet with both parties, evaluate the situation and help to bring the issue to an amicable resolution. Mosier Consulting has had much success in mitigating escalating issues before they reached potential litigation level.

"Jim's calm, competent professionalism was a huge help in resolving a difficult case for one of our municipality clients. I would highly recommend Jim and his company."

- Mr. Edward Garbo
Claims Management Associates, Inc. San Diego, CA

Mosier consulting provides testing services for moisture vapor emissions in concrete flooring with the use of Calcium Chloride Dome Tests as per ASTM F-1869-09 Standards.

Mosier Consulting can also provide "In-Situ" Relative Humidity Testing of the concrete slab as per ASTM F-2170-09 Standards.

Moisture meter readings can be taken using a Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter CME-4 Meter.

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Contractors Information:
During renovation the exposed concrete slab became covered with surface efflorescence requiring water vapor emissions testing by Mosier Consulting.
Placement of Calcium Chloride Vapor Emissions Test Kit to determine lbs. of water vapor /1,000 SF/24hrs.
Analysis of data to determine actual lbs. per 1,000 SF/24 hrs.
Analyzed data provides the information needed to install the correct moisture vapor retardant system directly to the slab floor..