Mosier Consulting will help you to work through difficult or complicated claims. Insurance Adjusters are faced with situations that call for an expert opinion. The Insured may be telling you one story, the restoration contractor  another. We have the expertise and experience to investigate the issues and make recommendations to settle the dispute and help close the claim file.

Closing the file may involve mitigating a single complaint or dispute. The Insured may be unhappy with the results of a restored garment, art work, furniture or soft-good item. It may be that communication has broken down between the Adjuster and the Insured or the Restoration Contractor and Insured. Bringing in a neutral third-party expert knowledgeable in the field can help to diffuse difficult claims situations.

Have you questioned a procedure being utilized on a water, fire or microbial claim? Mosier Consulting has assisted many Insurance Companies investigating ongoing restoration projects to determine if the procedure being implemented is the most effective and economical method or make additional recommendations to achieve the desired goal. Using a neutral expert can help to re-assure an Insured and win the trust back when a difficult situation arises.

When you are told that a certain item cannot be restored by the Restoration Contractor and needs to be replaced who can you turn to for an honest expert opinion? Mosier Consulting has reversed the decisions made by inexperienced Restoration Contractors by evaluating making recommendations to save and restore items. Our work has been proven in many cases to save the Insurance Company thousands of dollars.

Recently, when told by an Emergency Service Company that the Travertine flooring throughout the luxury home could not be saved after a major flood damage, the Insurance Claims Supervisor contacted Mosier Consulting, who performed the onsite evaluation, conferred with the Insured and utilized the Preferred Vendor's services to create a dry-down process that saved the entire flooring to the Insured's satisfaction resulting in a savings to the Insurance Company tens of thousands of dollars.

Mosier Consulting has been utilized to review Insured's Total Loss Inventory sheets and verify information against the remaining evidence left onsite  before disposal of debris takes place. Our services have also been utilized in verification of stolen or lost property claims such as valuable jewelry or other scheduled items.

When you have an issue or problem claim give us a call to discuss the matter. We can quickly determine if our services can assist you in mitigating your difficult situation or refer you to another expert better suited for your needs.

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Information For Adjusters
Covered hidden water leak caused extensive fungal growth in crawlspace
Major school fire required inventory verification for insurance company.
Source investigation showed that the cover plate was never sealed.
Defective "O"-ring in fairly new spigot caused leak and ensuing water damage to bathroom.